• Icon of an electrical outlet and cord.
  • Three round cornered squares are placed together in an L pattern.
  • Icon of a square with rounded corners with curved linear patterns decorating the inside.
  • An icon of a hammer and a wrench are placed together in an x-shape.
    Easy installation
  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with all our systems


  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor-to-ceiling standalone fixtures
  • Floor fixtures
  1. Features 1/3

    Integrated lighting

    Need to create an eye-catching merchandise display or simply bring some extra light into a space? Sorbetti comes with integrated LED power for shelves, cabinets, signage, and other accessories.

  2. Features 2/3

    Adaptable to any environment

    This system can fit in just about anywhere—from waiting rooms to lobbies, offices to shops, residential libraries to closets. It’s easy to install and reconfigure, and comes with a large array of accessories that can be micro-adjusted along the full height of the Sorbetti Upright.

  3. Features 3/3


    Sorbetti isn’t confined to perimeter walls. It can also serve as a space divider with storage, creating discrete areas within a larger room and providing a convenient place to hide or display items.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

The Sorbetti system echoes the freedom of spirit that typified mid-century modern design. During the postwar years, designers like George Nelson, Jean Prouve, and Poul Cadovius introduced shelving that straddled the line between pure functionality and beauty by carefully considering mass-producible materials, spatial rhythm, and, most importantly, the tastes of a generation ready to completely do away with the old way of living.

That same drive to express an uncluttered, unfussy, and unbeholden-to-tradition aesthetic finds a new articulation in today’s open concept spaces, in which Sorbetti easily finds a home. Its streamlined look, functional flexibility, and easy embrace of new technology makes this system a product of its time, but also a subtle homage to bold ideas of the past.