B+N Industries designs and manufactures innovative and intelligently engineered solutions that create purposeful and beautiful places. Collaborations with our clients result in successful design-driven, brand-centric and meaningful individual and program-type projects.

Design Principles

  1. A view of the interior of an office space. There are colorful patterned wooden panels along the marble walls and floor. Desks and chairs are placed around the space.

    Don't be afraid of Color.

    Bold or subtle, color can heal or soothe, energize or empower

  2. An interior space is decorated with white wooden Fortina panels and glass ceilings.

    If it is over-designed it is missing the Big Idea.

    Solutions should be effortless in both development and final perception

  3. Close up shot of a golden floral patterned and metallic wall. A golden shelf along it is holding up three brown glass bottles.

    Successful design comes from all three: the Head, the Heart, and the Hand.

    Thoughtfulness and Intelligence, Empathy, and Flawless Execution

  4. Inside view of Everlane's store. The room is mainly white with wooden System 1224 shelves along the walls displaying a variety of clothes.

    Being a Designer is being a Good Listener.

    The Design Process is always collaborative

  5. Bright orange panels decorate a wall holding golden shelves displaying various high end fabrics and purses.

    Understand the difference between Fashion and Style

    Timeless vs. Right Now


Leading the Industry Forward

We are experienced problem-solvers, transforming challenges into opportunities for companies of every size. Leading the industry forward, we push the boundaries of design to create environments that you want to return to again and again.

Black and white headshot of Brad Somberg crossing his arms.

Brad Somberg


Black and white headshot of Joel Katterhagen.

Joel Katterhagen


Black and white headshot of Kevin McPhee.

Kevin McPhee

Creative Director

Black and white headshot of Gwen Gonzales crossing her arms.

Gwen Gonzales

Vice President, Operations

Black and white headshot of Kevin Shultis.

Kevin Shultis

Director of Design

Black and white headshot of Yanira Mclain.

Yanira McClain

Director of Project Management

Black and white headshot of Cruz Nieves Arellano.

Cruz Nieves-Arellano

Director of Distribution


  1. Sepia and aged image of a group of men posing in a street.


    Bernice and Norman Somberg found B+N Industries.

  2. Close-up shot of a line of wooden clothes hangers.

    1984 - 1993

    B+N supports the design industry by distributing and importing merchandising fixtures, systems, tags, and labels.

  3. Stack of cylindrical metal pieces that make up the Puck system.


    B+N starts its in-house design and marketing studio.
    The Puck System debuts.

  4. Forward shot of a blue, green, and purple wall with holes neatly gridded on it. The holes hold bars which carry shelves displaying clothes and towels.


    The Pog, Rigger, and Minipog Systems hit the market.

  5. A green wall is decorated with bright yellow lit panels. Yellow and green tables are placed in front of it displaying purses, shoes, and flowers.


    B+N develops Sorbet color palette and acrylic material.

  6. An image of the Sorbetti System. A blue pole with metallic assets sticking out of it are displayed with a white background.


    The Sorbetti System arrives.

  7. Miscellaneous white items such as tables, lamps, and a mannequin are lined against a white background.


    The Scissy and Miniscissy are added to B+N’s in-house portfolio.

  8. A sleek chair is placed in front of a white wall with branch patterned Iconic Panels.


    The Iconic Panels collection offers designers a new way to bring dimension to perimeter walls and room dividers.

  9. A white lounge chair is placed in front of a navy blue and circular tan patterned Veneer Panel wall.


    The company debuts the Infused Veneer Panels collection.

  10. Colorful patterned wooden Infused Veneer wall stands behind a cabinet with the same patterning as the wall.


    B+N Industries collaborates with graphic artist Rex Ray on a series of illustrations for Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer Panels.

  11. A white wall with a grid pattern on it holds a long shelf showcasing a variety of different lamps. Furniture such as a loveseat and cushioned bench are placed around the wooden floor.


    B+N launches System 1224.

    B+N wins an Interior Design Best of Year Award for the Infused Veneer Panels.

  12. A large screen with the word "project" on display sits within a large black wall. Dark couches with wooden tables are placed around the room and the ceiling has vertical wooden panels decorating it.


    Fortina for B+N re-interprets wooden louvers and slats.

  13. A white book titled "System 1224" sits on top of a white cushion with line and dotted dark patterns decorating it.


    B+N collaborates with visual artist Shantell Martin.

    B+N wins an Interior Design Best of Year Award for Fortina.

  14. A white wall with lines running across it hold white shelves varying in length.


    System 1224 is relaunched with electric wiring and gridbreaking capabilities.

  15. A black Sanitizing Station is placed amongst cushioned chairs and plants lined along the floor.


    B+N introduced its innovative hand-sanitizing station in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, winning a third Interior Design Best of Year Award.

  16. 2021

    B+N introduced Sorbetti 2.0, the electrified iteration with the best qualities of the original system, winning a fourth Interior Design Best of Year Award.

  17. 2022

    B+N launches Gira, a modular and versatile workplace system.

Our Clients

Partnering with Leading Brands

Partnership is the foundation for each of our projects. We work closely with our clients, building honest, collaborative relationships that stand the test of time. Using both our proprietary systems and completely custom solutions, we work with companies of every industry, becoming another part of the team.

"AvalonBay Communities" is printed in white in the left corner of a dark blue square."Bank of America" is printed in blue above multiple red and blue lines working to make a distorted diamond shape."DESIGN WITHIN REACH" is printed in white within a black rectangle with a white rectangular thin line surrounding the text within the black space."Disney" is printed in a whimsical font in black text."EA" is printed in white within a red circle."EVERLANE" is typed out in black with some extra spacing between each letter.A red star sits next to the word "macy's"."Marriott" is printed in red under a circular shape with white strokes running through it.The Mcdonald's logo. A large yellow "M" is printed over a red square."one medical" is printed in green to the right of a five neatly arranged green dots.The Starbucks logo. A white illustration of a crowned mermaid is centered within a green circle."T Mobile" is printed in pink.