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    Cost effective
  • An icon of a hammer and a wrench are placed together in an x-shape.
    Easy Installation
  • Three round cornered squares are placed together in an L pattern.
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  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with our panels


  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor fixtures
  1. Features 1/3

    Versatile aesthetics

    The Puck System’s minimal and ordered aesthetic provides an unobtrusive, high-quality backdrop for merchandise and signage to attract passersby. Designers can specify just enough pucks for functionality, or cover an entire wall with them for an added element of decoration.

    View of the interior of a white coffee shop. A white counter with a black top is placed in front of two white walls both utilizing the puck system. Glass shelves are held up against each wall displaying a variety of different snacks. Over the shelves, an orange circle with the logo for "Pot-O-Coffee. Cannabis Coffee" is hung.
  2. Features 2/3

    Strong and functional

    With the Puck System, any client’s display is assured to stay upright and in place—it can even hold up cabinetry. This makes the Puck System suited to just about any kind of project, be it commercial, education, or workplace. Two hardware profiles and a wide assortment of accessories makes the Puck System an easy choice for designers who don’t want to compromise looks or function.

    Two long metal rods of varying widths with clasps on the left end are placed against a white background.
  3. Features 3/3

    Integration with other systems

    B+N’s Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer Panels play well with Puck. The pucks will not interrupt the patterns of either decorative panel system. Iconic Fixtures can free Puck from perimeter walls, allowing free-standing displays to make use of the system’s shelving, hangrails, and pegs.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

Simply put, the Puck System is a workhorse alternative to ubiquitous slatwall. It takes cues from minimalist high design, while still guaranteeing organization and attractive displays.

Close-up shot of a wall from a coffee shop. On a light wooden wall, various black shelves are propped up using the Puck system. The shelves display various white ceramic wares as well as coffee bean bags.

Its cost is competitive with slatwall, making this system an easy way to upgrade a client’s space without breaking the bank.

Interior view of a counter at a Paul Frank store. Wooden and glass display tables are lined against a white and glass counter. The back wall is wooden and displaying various Paul Frank merchandise through the Puck system including a large yellow surfboard and a blue clock.