• Three blocks are lined up in an L-shape with dotted lines running on the top and right square.
    Infinitely repeatable
  • Icon of a paintbrush.
  • An icon of a hammer and a wrench are placed together in an x-shape.
    Easy installation
  • Icon of a spray bottle spraying out three dotted lines.
    Easy to clean
  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with all our systems


  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor fixtures
  • Casework and furniture
  1. Features 1/3

    An array of patterns and finishes

    With over 150 unique looks, there is something for every type of project and aesthetic within the Infused Veneer Panel collection. Geometric patterns, patinated industrial look-alikes, and vintage graphics are just some of the many options available to designers. Graphic designer Rex Ray lent his eye for bold, retro-futurist motifs to the Infused Veneer Panel collection, as well as landscape designer Jamie Durie, whose biophilic approach to design resulted in vibrant, organic images for this collection.

    Various images of different rooms with different Infused Veneer panels are compiled together.
  2. Features 2/3

    Customizable patterns

    If a brand-specific motif is called for in a project, customization is no issue. The Infused Veneer Panels can easily be outfitted with bespoke patterns and colors.

    A view of the interior of an office space. There are colorful patterned Infused Veneer panels along the marble walls and floor. Desks and chairs are placed around the space.
  3. Features 3/3

    Not only for walls

    Infused Veneer Panels can do more than cover walls and stand-alone fixtures. They can also be sized to cover casework and cabinetry.

    A colorful patterned Infused Veneer panel is used to decorate a white space furnished with wooden stools.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

When designers at B+N set out to make Infused Veneer Panels, the goal was simple: to create a paneling system that could accommodate color and pattern without losing the textural element of natural wood grain.

Accomplishing this took some ingenuity. Instead of merely applying ink to the surface of the panels, B+N uses an impregnated dye technique that injects color just beneath that topmost layer. The result: softer, warmer, deeper colors and a wood grain effect that complement one another and create unforgettable imagery.

B+N Industries has joined forces with internationally award-winning landscape and outdoor room designer and author, Jamie Durie. For this series, Durie and his team applied their firm’s unique design language, “transterior”, to B+N’s Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer.

See more about Jamie Durie for B+N here. 

B+N Industries celebrates the work of internationally renowned graphic designer Rex Ray with our special collection. Ray’s work is immediately identifiable—abstract and retro-futurist in appearance, his unique, dynamic patterns and fanciful shapes meld perfectly with the graphic quality of our Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer collections. 

See more about Rex Ray for B+N here. 

Colorfully painted wall with vivid patterns and imagery.