• Looks and Feels like Real Wood
  • Extensive Finish and Profile Options
  • Lightweight
  • An icon of a hammer and a wrench are placed together in an x-shape.
    Easy Installation
  • Class A Fire Rated


  • Perimeter walls
  • Screens/Room dividers
  • Ceilings
  • Interior and Exterior
  1. Features 1/4

    Large Collection of Finishes

    Fortina louvers and slats come in over 100 wood-like finishes that look and feel like the real thing. This effect is due to the extremely durable, non-PVC film that wraps Fortina’s aluminum extrusions. What’s more, some of the finishes mimic wood species that are rare to find in the built environment.

    Variety of different thin sheets of wood arranged and stacked.
  2. Features 2/4

    Profiles for Every Application

    With over 50 profiles to choose from—including round, rectangle, or square shapes in sizes from 15 to 150mm—designers can infuse their projects with dynamism and rhythm. Partitions, sunshades, privacy screens, and even artful installations are all easily realized with Fortina.

    View of the ends of many stacked varying Fortina Panels.
  3. Features 3/4

    Better than Real Wood

    When it comes to durability, Fortina effortlessly surpasses real wood. Colors and textures remain like-new for years, even in projects exposed to direct sunlight or in harsh climates. This makes it ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

    A view of the Griffin Club's outdoor entryway. Wooden Fortina panels are used to decorate the exterior of the building.
  4. Features 4/4

    Integrated Lighting

    Fortina's authentic wood-like finishes are now complemented by seamlessly embedded, energy-efficient LED lights. This innovation not only amplifies the visual warmth and texture of our versatile louvers and slats but also offers a practical solution for ambient lighting.


Mudd Hall Library


Fortina louvers are lightweight, incombustible, weather resistant, and quick and cost efficient to install. They can be mounted on walls and ceilings to create visual interest and add extra dimension to a project.

Fortina panels are laid across the ceiling of the interior of a building. Lights are light up the ends of the walls.


Lightweight interlocking Fortina slats are used on walls and ceilings. The extruded slats come in a wide choice of finishes that coordinate with Fortina louvers. Slats are available with or without a reveal in several widths.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

Fortina can trace its lineage back to an innovation the Japanese printing company Toppan made in the 1970s. Although the company got its start in the early 20th century printing paper money, by the mid-century they had expanded to interior design elements.

The company figured out how to reproduce the look of authentic wood grain on printed materials by buying pieces of timber, slicing them open, and photographing the exposed grain with a process camera. They then would print the images on to adhesive films for near limitless applications. This process improves on natural wood by removing troublesome knots. It is even possible to magnify or rotate the grain.

Toppan wrapped its film finishes around proprietary aluminum battens and slats to create Fortina. The result is a real wood substitute that is consistently beautiful and budget friendly. Fortina dramatically enhances environments with the look and feel of real wood without the complications of wood’s heavy weight, expensive specifications, wasteful extraction, and difficult installation and maintenance.

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