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  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor-to-ceiling standalone fixtures
  • Floor fixtures

Modular Meets Modern

Powered Versatility
At its core, Sorbetti 2.0 is an electrified Modular Shelving System with uprights featuring low-voltage power on all four sides. Light up your space effortlessly with optional LED light boxes, graphic panels, and illuminated shelves.

Easy Installation and Adaptability
Assemble your modern shelving with just a simple Allen Key. Flexible and adaptable, Sorbetti 2.0 seamlessly transitions from floor to ceiling or wall to floor installations. Freestanding and room-divider options provide you with the freedom to reimagine your space over and over again.

Multi-Functional & Low Maintenance
Not just confined to perimeter walls, Sorbetti 2.0 also serves as a room divider, offering hidden or display storage. The low-maintenance design ensures cleaning is a breeze.

Sorbetti 2.0 Hospitality

Endless Customization
Opt for standard anodized black uprights and black laminate accessories or personalize with a variety of laminates and veneers. With 24” and 48” wide bays, micro-adjustable accessories, and an array of finishes, Sorbetti 2.0 caters to your unique vision.

Designed for the Now, Inspired by the Past
Sorbetti 2.0 pays homage to the mid-century modern ethos, marrying timeless design with today's technology. Like its predecessors from design pioneers like George Nelson and Jean Prouve, Sorbetti 2.0 strikes a balance between pure functionality and beauty.

Sorbetti 2.0 Workplace
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    Integrated lighting

    Need to create an eye-catching merchandise display or simply bring some extra light into a space? Sorbetti comes with integrated LED power for shelves, cabinets, signage, and other accessories.

  2. Features 2/3

    Adaptable to any environment

    This system can fit in just about anywhere—from waiting rooms to lobbies, offices to shops, residential libraries to closets. It’s easy to install and reconfigure, and comes with a large array of accessories that can be micro-adjusted along the full height of the Sorbetti Upright.

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    Sorbetti isn’t confined to perimeter walls. It can also serve as a space divider with storage, creating discrete areas within a larger room and providing a convenient place to hide or display items.


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