• Three blocks are lined up in an L-shape with dotted lines running on the top and right square.
    Infinitely repeatable
  • Icon of a paintbrush.
  • An icon of a diamond with three lines popping out along the top.
    Extremely durable
  • Icon of a spray bottle spraying out three dotted lines.
    Easy to clean
  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with all our systems


  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor fixtures
  • Casework and furniture
  1. Features 1/4

    An array of patterns and finishes

    Iconic Panels offers 30 stock patterns and 8 finishes, which can all be pattern-matched across any size room like wallpaper. These patterns range in style from organic to geometric, restrained to free-flowing. Some of the designs were inspired by well-known creatives like Paul Klee, Louise Nevelson, and Frank Lloyd Wright. B+N has also partnered with landscape designer Jamie Durie and graphic designer Rex Ray to create exclusive editions of Iconic Panels.

  2. Features 2/4

    Customizable patterns

    If a brand-specific motif is called for in a project, customization is no issue. The manufacturing process behind Iconic Panels can effortlessly accommodate bespoke patterns and colors.

    View of a bedroom space. The wall is navy ad white with geometric white Iconic Panel. A red bed frame is placed against the wall and the room is furnished with lights and a navy couch.
  3. Features 3/4

    Not only for walls

    Iconic Panels can do more than cover walls and stand-alone fixtures. They can also be sized to cover casework and cabinetry. Iconic Panels also lend themselves as decorative headboards in hospitality projects.

    Two varying cabinets and a wall are decorated using branch patterned white Iconic panel.
  4. Features 4/4

    Integration with other systems

    Puck, System 1224, and Iconic Panels can all work together to bring a client’s space to life. Not only do they integrate with each other in terms of hardware and component parts, but they will not clash or disrupt each other aesthetically either.

    View of an office space. The space is decorated with tints of green as well as orange and white chairs. The room is divided into sections using standing branch patterned white Iconic Panels.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

Iconic Panels are the result of a clever update to the decades-old process of membrane pressing.

New, high-efficiency machines and an array of 3D laminate choices differentiates B+N’s Iconic Panels from other laminates made in a similar fashion. The result is a product that features bold color, crisp detailing, and solid construction.

B+N Industries has joined forces with internationally award-winning landscape and outdoor room designer and author, Jamie Durie. For this series, Durie and his team applied their firm’s unique design language, “transterior”, to B+N’s Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer.

See more about Jamie Durie for B+N here. 

Jamie Durie case study use of Iconic Panels

B+N Industries celebrates the work of internationally renowned graphic designer Rex Ray with our special collection. Ray’s work is immediately identifiable—abstract and retro-futurist in appearance, his unique, dynamic patterns and fanciful shapes meld perfectly with the graphic quality of our Iconic Panels and Infused Veneer collections. 

See more about Rex Ray for B+N here. 

Rex Ray Iconic Panels case study solution