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T-Square Studio

Planet 13 has taken this idea and run with it, becoming one of the largest and best-rated dispensaries in Las Vegas. The space is well over 100,000 square feet and appears, unsurprisingly, like nowhere on Earth. Taking some subtle cues from iconic retailers like Apple, T-Square Studio used natural wood and integrated LEDs for the retail bays and product display cases on the main floor. To offset that warmth, the ceiling and walls are painted black and large, angular concrete pods arise from the main floor like some sort of alien geological feature.

A view of the interior of Planet 13. A large stone stand stands prominently in the center with wooden and glass display tables lined next to it.

To offset this off-world look, designer Briana Tiberti specified B+N Industries’ Infused Veneer System 1224 panels for the store’s merchandise bays. Made in collaboration with award-winning designer Jamie Durie, the veneer panels highlight Durie’s unique interpretation of biophilic design. For Planet 13, Tiberti specified the Wave Dot pattern, which is meant to evoke sand dunes, mountains, or crashing ocean waves, on maple wood paneling. “This pattern can look like so many different natural elements. To us it looked like abstracted water, but we liked how it could easily call to mind all sorts of organic associations,” says Tiberti. LED-illuminated shelving in a sleek, powder-coated black steel lights up the eye-catching panels and provides intuitive storage for branded merchandise.

Close-up image of dotted Infused Veneer panels with black System 1224 shelves showcasing a variety of Planet 13 merchandise.

According to B+N, Tiberti is hardly the first designer to find System 1224 the perfect shelving solution for a dispensary—currently the company is working on several high-end retail dispensaries in major metropolitan areas in California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Massachusetts. When requests for information are factored into B+N’s estimations, dispensaries are the highest segment in the retail market in their systems. Looks like reefer madness isn't such a bad thing, at least for the design industry.

Interior view of Planet 13 equipped with dotted Infused Veneer panels and black System 1224 shelves displaying Planet 13 merchandise.

We were trying to evoke the feeling of a distant planet

Briana Tiberti

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