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Leong Leong

B+N Industries’ System 1224 is what keeps Everlane’s clothing and accessories neatly organized in its SoHo store. Leong Leong, the New York–based design team in charge of the project, could see that the system would easily accommodate the program’s requirements and the aesthetic vision of the retail company. Drawing inspiration from the International Style of architecture, which was typified by rectilinear forms and repeating modularity, System 1224 was the perfect specification for a 21st century brand that also uses minimalism to communicate our contemporary spin on modernity.

Comprising 15 to 20 basic parts, System 1224 can be reconfigured without the use of tools, allowing Everlane employees to change the store environment for seasonal campaigns or new merchandise quickly. The system also comes with LED wiring already in place, illuminating products and providing ambient light. Customization is no trouble either, so accommodating Everlane’s needs for a white, powder-coated steel support system and Baltic birch shelving was easy. Today, System 1224 can be found in all of Everlane’s stores.

Wooden System 1224 shelves against a white wall are used to display various clothing items. More shelves are lined along the left wall holding boxes.

We don’t want people to be able to pick out our system. It should seamlessly disappear into the fabric of the whole store, yet present itself to the consumer and owner in a manner that is flexible, shoppable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Brad Somberg CEO

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