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7 For All Mankind with B+N

The Challenge

Navigating the transition from a conceptual layout, as articulated by Kevin Shultis of B+N, to a meticulously engineered reality proved to be the primary hurdle. The focal point was the transformation of this concept into an engaging and operational space. The mission encompassed the expansion of the retail area while artfully integrating their premium denim collection. Amidst this puzzle was the quest to seamlessly blend 7 For All Mankind's West Coast identity with an invigorating in-store experience. Furthermore, securing approval from their CEO, located in the European office, added an extra layer of complexity.

The Solution

B+N embraced the role of not only a collaborator but also a coordinator, offering a comprehensive solution spanning design, manufacturing, and installation. The result was an astute fusion of strategies and products that bridged the gap between 7FAM's visionary concept and practical implementation.

Mariana Torres, B+N project manager, aptly describes the synergy as a blend of "our stock systems that fit the 7 brand and custom millwork made to spec." The store's perimeter seamlessly married the Sorbetti 2.0 system with custom finishes and SEG lightboxes, creating a canvas for 7 For All Mankind's artwork to shine. An elegant addition, Fortina wall cladding, thoughtfully guided attention to pockets like the cash desk and lounges.

This triumph found its roots in B+N's iterative design process, a collaborative dance with 7 For All Mankind's team, and external partners. This harmony, echoing Devin Dardanes' sentiment that "We [at B+N] were able to take on all those roles for them," culminated in the Citadel store's revival.

The Citadel store's revitalization stands as a testament to the successful marriage of design ingenuity, collaborative finesse, and meticulous execution. B+N not only translated 7 For All Mankind's vision but also honored our belief that 7 For All Mankind's is a brand that respects quality of finish and functionality in design. This accomplishment underscores B+N's knack for translating abstract ideas into immersive, harmonious, and brand-centric retail spaces.

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