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Fortina panels are lined up vertically across the height of the side of a building.


Louvers, originally used for blinds to create shade and ventilation, are now seen increasingly as a design component both for interior and exterior applications. A Fortina Louver is an aluminum extrusion wrapped in a non-PVC film. They come in over 50 profiles and can be covered in 100 films. They are lightweight, incombustible, weather resistant and quick and cost efficient to install. Louvers are mounted on walls and ceilings with Direct Application or with Stringers to create visual interest and add extra dimension.

Fortina panels are laid across the ceiling of the interior of a building. Lights are light up the ends of the walls.


Fortina Slats are available in all of the the same finishes as Louvers to create coordinated, custom aesthetic. The extruded, interlocking pieces come with or without reveals.