Various makeup products are lined up neatly along glass shelves held up by metal cables and rods.

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Guru Makeup Emporium




Guru Makeup Emporium

B+N Industries’ Cable and Rod system was used to make Guru’s display goals a reality. Shelving and shop floor storage for small and large goods, a counter for makeup application, and some balustrading to the ground floor retail area were requested. All of these applications needed to be durable and strong, as they would be accessed by customers and staff throughout the day. They also needed to be easy to clean and simple to reposition.

Many different makeup products are lined up neatly against glass shelves held up by cables and rods.

To accomplish all this, a mix of standard and bespoke solutions was used. Long runs of inline shallow glass, supported by a 12mm rod system in silver satin anodized aluminium finish, we re used as shelving. For the makeup application bar, custom, wall-fixed, stainless steel rods were made, which held up a glass counter. The balustrading down to the lower ground floor sales area came from the company’s 3mm cable range.

Three mirrors with opaque glass shelves lined up perpendicular to them using cables and rods are lined up against the wall.

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