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    Cost effective
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    Extremely durable
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    Easy to clean


  • Commercial, workplace, hospitality, and healthcare settings
  • Outdoor public settings
  1. Features 1/3

    Long-lasting supply

    B+N’s High-Volume Dispenser can hold up to two gallons of hand sanitizer within its lockable body—that’s eight times what a standard dispenser can accommodate. This helps save the environment by using less packaging and saves time with less refilling.

    3/4 view of a hand sanitizer. The bottom section of the sanitizer is opened up to reveal large white jugs.
  2. Features 2/3

    Customizable colors

    Choose from a white, matte black, or one of six cheery powder-coat colors. Or, customize the Dispenser with a client’s graphic logo, official palette, or a recurring motif.

    Various hand sanitizers of different colors placed in a V-shaped with the one in the center standing closest and largest.
  3. Features 3/3

    Unique scent options

    We partnered with AMASS co-founder and master distiller Morgan McLachlan to create a one-of-a-kind sanitizer for our Dispenser that both exceeds CDC efficacy standards and replaces that typical clinical scent of rubbing alcohol with a botanical blend of herb, spice and citrus essences.

    A brown glass bottle with a pump attached is placed next to a stone, both standing on top of a cylindrical marble slab.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks and hand sanitizer were the average person’s primary defense against contracting the virus in a public setting. B+N recognized the need for a stand-alone sanitizer station that could store a high volume of hand-cleaning product in spaces that would be unaffected by lockdowns, like grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, and shelters. Its design had to be monolithic, so it could be easily spotted; minimalistic, so as to eliminate as many corners as possible for easy cleaning; and lockable, for safe storage of the sanitizer when it was a hot commodity. Additionally, B+N wanted to distance its dispenser from the more clinical-looking options on the market. Soft pastel colorways and the Mr. Drippy logo were used to convey a pleasant atmosphere as soon as a customer or patient walks into a space and uses the Dispenser.

Fifteen months later, shops, restaurants, theaters, and all manner of public spaces are reopened, and the High-Volume Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has proved it can easily blend into and elevate “the new normal.” Frequent hand-cleaning will continue to be important once this current pandemic has dissipated, and as such, the High-Volume Hand Sanitizer Dispenser will continue to be an excellent option to keep our public spaces clean, well-appointed, and inviting.