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    Cost effective
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  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with all our panels


  • Windows
  • Displays
  • Walls
  • Floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall, or wall-to-wall fixing
  • Interior and exterior signage
  1. Features 1/3

    Easy Adjustability with Tracks

    Moving displays and signs is easy with Cable. Tracks within the floor or ceiling allow the stainless steel cord, affixed to a component anchor, to slide from left to right.

    Close-up view of metal rods wedged between metal lines that run horizontally across a wood board.
  2. Features 2/3

    Extensive Hardware Selection

    A vast array of component parts makes Cable capable of holding nearly any product or sign graphic at any angle or height.

  3. Features 3/3

    Immensely Strong

    Stainless steel aircraft cable has incredible tensile strength—supporting heavy merchandise and large signage is no problem for Cable.

    A deconstructed vehicle with each part making up the car hung up at different heights along a series of thin cables and rods.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

Cable is the first and original tension-based, stainless steel aircraft cable system. First manufactured and used in the UK 35 years ago, it is sold in North America exclusively through B+N today.

It got its start supporting bank signage, which had to be able to be changed out quickly to reflect changing rates and offers. Today, Cable can be found in commercial, education, and workplace settings around the globe.